Aaron Argenteus

Stigmatic Cleric of Ilmater


Aaron Argenteus. Human, male. NG. Mid 20s or 30s. Cleric of ilmater, the LG god of endurance, suffering, martyrdom and perseverance.


Third son of a mid level court lord. The eldest son was schooled in the ways of the court to carry on the family name. The second son was sent squire with a knight to bring military glory to the house, Aaron was used as a sign of devotion to the church. He was sent at age 15 to a monastery devoted to several gods.
A docile, dreamer of a child, Aaron was used to going along with whatever the authority figures in his life wanted, so he accepted the life of celibacy abstinence and meditative prayer.
In the monastery, Aaron was relegated to menial chores as the youngest monk. He loved writing poetry as a hobby, but kept most of it hidden. He felt awkward because his writings were rarely dogmatic in nature, and focused more on simple beauties, almost haiku like.
His holy text studies were always sub par, and he was often scolded for not being the exemplary monk. He would have daring fantasies of running away into the countryside, but his subservient personality would never alow for that.
At age 18, the monks were shocked that such a mundane and subpar monk as Aaron would receive one of the holiest of gifts: the stigmata of ilmater, the wounds of the broken god.
Aaron would spontaneously bleed from phantom lash marks on his back. His ankles would turn red from the chafing of unseen manacles. His wrists and hands would bleed from illusory bindings cutting the soft flesh
And at his touch, little miracles would occur (0 level spells)
At first Aaron tried to hide the holy sign, but the more he resisted the worse it became. Each occurrence was accompanied by a yearning to seek out the suffering and help them. Eventually the urges became unbearable and Aaron would roam the halls of the abbey in search of the sick, the injured, the sorrowful and the scared. He would offer whatever comfort he could in any situation.
The elders of the monastery knew that the stigmata was a sign of divine favor. Ilmater had chosen Aaron to be one of his vessels of power in the world, a cleric. The teachers redouble their efforts to instruct Aaron, meanwhile everyone in the abbey began to come to Aaron with questions of faith. They received his answers with a reverence that embarrassed Aaron. The whole situation made him feel out of place.
Over time, the stigmata subsided and only showed itself in a mild form whenever Aaron would invoke the power of ilmater many times in rapid succession. However, although the outward signs of the stigmata had reduced, the inner drive to seek suffering and ease pain was stronger than ever.
The elders of the monastery surprised him one day with a chain shirt, shield, and some modest traveling equipment. They had saved a tithe from all donations for many months to afford this gift. They knew that Aaron had to s trike out into the world and bring the soothing mercy of ilmater to the masses.

Aaron Argenteus

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