Fjola Leirsdotter

Dwarven Baker - Barbarian


Short, stocky, smooth, and sassy. Blonde, busty, built, and batty.
An Ugly Duckling story, but now possibly the prettiest Dwarf you’ve ever seen.
Viola of the Clay Clan.


The fourth daughter of a Dwarven Lord. Even though he had all girls, her father still chose to teach them all in the traditions of the men of their family. Not being the most talented warrior, the most intelligent, or the most devoted of her sisters, she enjoyed the culinary arts the most as she grew up. Not being able to kill, skin, or in many other ways prepare animals for meals, she found herself drawn to baking, and desserts. Most Dwarven recipes call for meat in the pies, and even the bread, she eventually took up a preference for human, halfling and gnome foods. Being from a wealthy family, she was able to travel to many places to broaden her taste horizons. She was allowed to go to an academy in a human city to prepare for her life as a Chef.

She’s been heavyset all her life, but in the stressful months since graduation and being at sea for most of a year, she’s actually trimmed up to be attractively shapely.

Now she has worked her way across the ocean as one of five cooks on a gigantic Imperial Colonial Ship. She hopes to be the premiere Baking Shop in all of Arvandor Shield. With a combination of Dwarven, Halfling, Gnome and Human gourmet experience, plus the exotic ingredients of the New World, she has a chance to be the creator of her very own baking style.

Fjola Leirsdotter

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