The Adventurer's Guide to Arvandor Shield

[Disclaimer: You are reading these words in a handbook made readily available to almost all ships bound for Arvandor Shield. If not there, the littered remains of these little booklets can be found in all the coastal towns and many inland. More often laughed and joked over than seriously discussed, it still holds useful information for anyone unfamiliar with Arvandor Shield. The author sank very publicly into a pit of pride and corruption as his stature increased exponentially with each new ship to arrive. Too bad his intelligence didn't increase as well. Still, these words are the best or at least most easily available. I hope you find it useful,… significantly.]




The 1st of Tarsakh, 25th Year of Arvandor Shield,


There are no words to properly begin, what will no doubt become, a most significant and valuable historical account. Thus, I have chosen to to forego the responsibility of attempting so, thusly.


My name Armand Aveed, Captain of the Skimming Star, Founder of Arvandor Shield, Arbiter of the Tucklands Dispute, Hero and Count of Red Dock,  and Pillar of Corellon,  I'm sure you know as it will never be a secret, I am a human, Calishite to be exact – but you see this only strengthens the significance of the title of Pillar of Corellon Larethian.


Enough formalities, there's time for that when you come meet me at the House of Armand in Red Dock City! Enjoy the significantly best Ales, Food, and Lodging in all of Arvandor Shield right at the coast! Just look for my beloved, the Skimming Star standing proud, her flag still aflying!


Chapter 1: Call to Paradise

Chapter 2: The Local Maroons

The Adventurer's Guide to Arvandor Shield

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